August 2018

Arnie - Registered name; ArnoldSchwartzendeker

Born 3/17/94 (St. Pat’s day)
out of Andeker
Knollwood Farms, Pewaukee, Wi

It is a pleasure to extend a sincere “thank-you” for the excellent service in my recent purchase of a hay steamer. Your estimate on delivery time was accurate and the price was proper.


John J deutsch


So far so good with the steamer, my horse is breathing better, early days yet, but I am hopeful.

Followup:Steamer is working like a charm!

Queensville, Ontario
Greetings from Saskatchewan:
Cheryl and Duchess

I am so pleased with the half-bale steamer I purchased for my horse Duchess. I had been soaking her hay in a very large tub of water which was time consuming and messy - especially in the winter months. This steamer is so easy to use. The hay comes out smelling fresh and not soggy. My horse and I thank you for a great product! Cheryl and Duchess

Symphonie Nadeau, Extreme Cowboy racer", Quebec

"I was unlucky this year with dusty hay that led to caughing for both my 8 yr old QH and 2 yr old Paint filly. I purchased the Happy Horse Hay Steamer with excellent customer service and I am thrilled to say that after only two weeks, without any other medication or treatment, both my horses completely stopped caughing. They were not responding to hay soaking nor dexametasone which states how serious our problem was. I would highly recommend these steamers, they made a miracle for us.

So far so good. The steamer seems to be working well. We used it for about a month here and the horses just moved to their winter boarding barn. They are using it there and they are now thinking they may want to get a steamer for their other horses. Geoff, Hamilton, Ontario

5 Years and Still Steaming: Toronto Area

Voila here is
"Zepplin the ''Magnifique''

Love him more than my life.
Location: Quebec


Imported Section C - welsh Pony of cob type

Relhok Farm

Barrie, Ontario

Whether at home at Relhok Farm with a ½ bale Steamer or on the Pleasure & Combined Driving show Circuit with his Portable steamer – International Supreme Champion Stallion *Synod Lord Percival, NEVER eats hay that is not steamed with a Happy Horse Product!

Dream ChaserOld Bell Farm, Campbellville, Ontario

Now retired after years of successful showing, Dream Chaser started us using the Happy Horse Steamer several years ago. Now everyone in the barn enjoys the mould free, fresh smelling hay, all year round. Wouldn’t be without it at home or on the show circuit.
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