Scientific Evidence

The proof is in the science - Red Hot Results for Happy Horse Hay Steamers

Spores reduced to virtually zero by steamingHappy Horse Products has had the first fully independent, microbiologically tested laboratory results carried out on its range of hay steamers. Scientific tests were performed to see the effects of steaming on the moulds, yeasts and pollutants found in hay that can lead to respiratory conditions in horses. The results were outstanding and show that by using a Happy Horse Hay Steamer you can achieve a 99.9% removal of harmful problems found in hay, simply, cleanly and cost effectively!

Happy Horse requested that this independent analysis be undertaken in a real world i.e. a stable yard environment, to ensure that the results could be effectively applied to a normal stable environment in which horses live, eat and breathe every day.

Multiple hay samples from 2008 and 2009 bales were tested for moulds and spores before and after steaming and the scientific tests demonstrated the outstanding effectiveness of Happy Horse Hay Steamers and their ability to reduce the mould and spore content in hay from several hundred thousand spores per gram of hay, to a level undetectable by current scientific methods. Detailed results are displayed in the table below.

So, the proof is in the science - if you want keep your horse's lungs clean and clear for his health, for performance and for your peace of mind, you should seriously consider steaming your hay with a steamer from Happy Horse Products - the original range of steamers for healthy, easy and environmentally friendly hay preparation.

2009 Hay 2008 Hay 2008 Haylage
Moulds and spores per gram BEFORE steaming 260,000 580,000 700
Moulds and spores per gram AFTER steaming <10 <10 <10
Yeasts per gram BEFORE steaming 79,000 130,000 60
Yeasts per gram AFTER steaming <10 <10 <10

The 2008 soaked Hay sample had a start mould count from the control bale of 580000 and after soaking for 60 minutes and drained for 15 minutes had a count of 220000 cfu/g

NOTE: <10 means less than 10. This means that the count was undetectable but in reality it is impossible to guarantee a zero result.