First cough response,  Call on your new 2019 Hay Medic! 
(destinations USA)   with new updates 2018
Product option for horse people living in the USA for order processing.
  Inquiries will be provided with a shipping quotation
              from Canada by emailing your name & complete address.

Up to 1 Full Bale Hay 

An effective and affordable way for you to deal with RAO. 

 Steam Energizer  -  new high performance low steam resistance Safe - Easy - Durable

Double Walled Construction to maximize heat retention

  Foam Insulated - super dense heat retention

 Light Weight only 30 kg. making it fairly easy to move around

 Molded Plastic brings peace of mind with proven durability

 Rubber Sealing System utilizes pressure cooker processes to build up core temps

 Easy Clean System - simplified design to make quick & easy draining & cleaning

                         Size: 42" length x 24" width x 31" height


Two Design Goals:1) high performance 

                                2) minimal maintenance

but also included convenience: 

                                3) hose quick release fittings

                                4multi-time/day digital  timer

Your Solution to Hay Cough - give the job to The Medic - Get Yours!


Shipping to USA locations:  To Be Quoted.