One of our horses has had ulcer issues in the past, so we feed him alfalfa a few times a week. The alfalfa smells amazing when it's fresh out of the steamer. My wife and I were also pleasantly surprised by how easily the hay pulls apart after steaming. It really is a great product, and I'm happy we picked one up from you. Thanks,

Brad   Monson Ma  USA

Comment from  purchase from Roxie, Eastern Ontario

All is good with the steamer.  My horse's cough has considerably lessened.  I'm feeding it to my two horses and they both seem to really like the steamed hay better than the non-steamed.

Just received the Hay Medic.  Found it easy to use.  Holds up well and most importantly, it does a swell job of steaming the hay.  Both Julian and Nash like the new aroma.  We like the coughing stopped very soon after starting our new hay program.  Thank You!  J.C.  Burlington, On

Hay Medic works great! I love the new quick hose connection. It is very practical.

I have put a whole bale and all the hay was perfectly steamed. It is a very good unit.

ThanksC, Quebec City   and her in barn picture: