For the last 2 years, starting in the Spring, my reining horse Pete has started showing signs of suffering from allergies, nasal discharge and limited wind while training. My vet recommended I start steaming his hay. Having never had to do this before I was apprehensive at best.  I keep Pete in a stable with a co-op board arrangement, so his care needs to be easy and efficient so not to over burden anyone feeding for me, as well as not cut into my riding time. After some research, and weighing some options, I decided to try a hay steamer.  At first I was quite skeptical about the benefits of actually using one, but wanting the best for my horse spurred me on - pardon the pun.


After buying a Stable Mate, the uncertainty was still there, but in a few short days I had got used to the Stable Mate, and began to appreciate what it was doing for my horse, and the time it was saving me. As for Pete, he loves the steamed hay and its sweet smelling aroma.  Pete's breathing has improved, I'm able to train longer without worrying about him. With the Stable Mate, I have a method to minimize my time spent preparing feed and more time to ride!  I like its convenience and ease of use – now I can focus on reining and less on feeding, making me a believer.

Maureen Venables, Spencerville, Ontario

“Whether at home at Relhok Farm with a ½ bale Steamer or on the Pleasure & Combined Driving show Circuit with his Portable steamer – International Supreme Champion Stallion *Synod Lord Percival, NEVER eats hay that is not steamed with a Happy Horse Product! “ Relhok Farm, Barrie Ontario

This company makes the amazing hay steamer that we use for Dusty's hay. Using it as a part of our program to help him breath after heaves forced Dad to put him into early retirement has allowed him to return to the show ring in the fall of 2012 with one of the students in a schooling show series. Check it out it is an amazing product.

First, Bought a Traveller: It is very easy to use, and best of all, the horses really love the hay.  The first few evenings they were nickering as I approached with it.  I can see, when I work with the hay, how much less dust there is and the hay is so soft to handle and makes such a difference for the horses.  They used to always snort as they put their noses into the hay and I never hear that anymore.  Great product and very easy to use. Diane Cygan, Windham Centre
and Then, Bought a Stable Mate: I really love the Stable Mate.  It is so easy to use and to keep clean.  I roll the Stable Mate to each stall. .  Anyway, I have been using this unit for almost 2 weeks and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  I love the ease of use. Horses seem to enjoy the hay more and most of all it provides great health benefits for the horses.Thank you, Diane, Windham Centre

Had Heaves: I am very pleased with the unit. We have one horse with a light case of heaves and he is not coughing now and eats all his hay...I think he found the unsteamed hay hard to finish because of allergens. I have 3 Minis that eat the hay as well....might as well keep them all Healthy, Eve Dexter , Campbellville, On.

The unit performed flawlessly - Riding Again! -- Rita's horse, Guinness, made it through the winter in the best condition that I have ever seen him. The unit performed flawlessly and he required no medication other than an occasional dose of Respi-Free, and he was more than able to enjoy a full winter of riding.   Compared to a previous winter of Salbutamol and Ventipulmin, with minimal riding, this was fantastic. We realized that this condition will always need to be managed, but the hay steamer has been tremendous adjunct to his care.On We could not be happier, David Stevenson, Carleton Place, On.

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