Happy Horse:you have access to 20 years of hay steaming and assisting thousands of horses deal with RAO.

Hay Steamer:  it works, durable, user friendly & low maintenance

Fact:  steam producing component the energizer will last from 2 to 5 years

Steam Energizer:  Happy energizers cost 1/5 of others on the market.

Hay Medic hay induced cough usually dealt with in 1 to 2 days

My diploma in Agriculture, KCAT'84 gave me a foundation to understand  appreciate animals and plants of all kinds.

Understanding health and nutrition in combination with 30 years' experience working in service of the public in various jobs and contracts makes me a contrast to large corporations and science backed institutional products.

I just want to produce something that is durable, and effective while remaining faithful to ease of use.

20 years assisting with Equine issues that includes RAO/Heaves through hay steamers

15 years retail manager feed store

Andrew D. DroppoFor Additional Information on Andrew


Business Summary:

We are a company offering solutions one person and one horse at a time. Because our overhead is low verses large companies, our prices reflect that and its something customers over the last 10 years expect!

Happy Horse's Mission Statement:

        Itís no secret there is something special about horses and the bonds they create.

                        Being a small part of that pact is Happy Horseís mission and passion.